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Nestled in an actual speakeasy from the days of Prohibition, The 400 Rabbits bar is in fact a tribute to the outcome of one of the greatest “Unions” of all time.  Mexican folklore actually credits this tale as to how tequila was in fact discovered.

Back in the days of the Aztecs, Mayahuel, the goddess of the agave plant and fertility (interesting combo right!) met another god named Petacatyl (the god of pulque).  Anyway, these two gods got together and in their one night of wild abandonment spawned 400 offspring, known as the 400 Rabbits.  All 400 of them were gods of different mischief and mayhem.

Union Cantina is a tribute to their great union. The 400 Rabbits Bar pays tribute to mischief and mayhem. The 400 Rabbits Bar features over 100 different tequilas, a full dining menu and is available for booking for private events.